How to Sew a Perfect Quarter-Inch Seam



Most patchwork uses ¼-inch seam allowances. Accurate and consistent seam allowances help patchwork line up accurately and let you piece blocks and quilt tops with ease. Even if you don’t have a special foot to guide your stitching, you can set yourself up to stitch accurate 1/4-inch seams with a very simple trick.

Measure and Mark a Quarter Inch

Measure and mark ¼ inch from the needle on the throat plate. Cut a 1-inch-wide strip of adhesive-backed moleskin and place it at the mark, positioned so the factory-cut edge is facing the presser foot.


Test the Position

Test to make sure the seam allowance is ¼ inch: sew two pieces of fabric together, using the edge of the moleskin as a guide. Press and measure the seam allowance, and then adjust the moleskin, if necessary.


Practice Makes Perfect

Practice sewing ¼ inch seams with scrap fabric and then move onto your patchwork project with confidence. Your seams will be more consistent and accurate than ever.


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