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How to Sew a Double Needle Stitch on Leather

How to Sew a Double Needle Stitch on Leather. The double needle stitch is used to securely join two pieces of leather. Also called a saddler's stitch, it is one of the strongest used in leather work.

See "How to Use a Stitching Awl in Leather Work" for information on marking and making holes for the stitches.

Make sure that the holes in the two pieces of leather line up evenly.

Thread one leather-stitching needle or harness needle with either waxed linen thread or artificial sinew. Do not knot the thread end.

Pass the threaded needle through the first two corresponding stitching holes from either right to left or left to right. Draw the threaded needle through far enough so that an equal length of thread protrudes from each hole.

Thread the free end of the thread with a second needle.

Insert the left needle from left to right all the way through the next pair of holes to be stitched.

Insert the right needle from right to left all the way through the same pair of holes. Pull both threads taut.

Repeat for each consecutive set of holes to be stitched.

Take two or three stitches backward as you near the end of your stitching. Move forward again and continue stitching until you reach the end of your stitching line.

Tie off the work with one or two overhand knots. See "How to Make an Overhand Knot" in the Related eHows for instructions.


Use a sewing machine and a wedge-point needle to stitch most garment-weight leathers. Use artificial sinew on rigid leathers. This type of thread is very strong and may cut through softer pieces. Punch a set of stitching holes, stitch through them and then punch the next set. If you punch all of the stitching holes at once, the leather will contract over time, and a hole may end up narrower than it was when you punched it. Finish a thread end midway through your work by following steps 9 and 10. Tie the knot so that it rests in a hole.

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