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How to Set a Wireless PS3 Controller

The wireless controller equipped with the Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) console doubles as a wired controller. The wireless PS3 controller can connect to your console through a universal serial bus (USB) connection, allowing it to recharge while you play. You must pair your wireless controller with the system to communicate with the device. This process assigns your controller a number that the console uses to connect with it. To set your wireless PS3 controller you will need to connect it directly to the console the first time you use it.

Turn on your television and then power on the PS3.

Connect one end of the supplied USB cable to the USB port on the controller.

Connect the other end of the supplied USB cable to a USB port on the front of the PS3. Within a few seconds, the system will recognize the controller. If this is the first time you have turned on your PS3, you will also be presented with an “Initial Setup” screen. Follow the on-screen instructions to configure it.

Press and hold the “PS” button on your controller for 3 seconds. This will display the battery-charge level on the bottom left of your screen. Leave the device connected through the USB cable until the battery is fully charged. You can use the controller through the wired connection to play games while charging.

Disconnect the USB cable from the PS3 and then disconnect the cable from your controller. The PS3 controller now works wirelessly.

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