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How to Send a Song Through Facebook

You must own the rights to music you upload to Facebook.
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Music is a great way to create a moving multi-media message to share with your friends or fans on FaceBook. The choice of an appropriate method to use for sharing the song is based on whether or not you own the rights to the work. Posting a link to your friend's page or sending a message to her is the way to share songs that you don't own. FaceBook band pages and SoundCloud are available for users who do own the rights to the songs they send. (See Ref. 1, 2 and 3)

Find the song you want to send through FaceBook using sites such as Cofi Jukebox, Yahoo Music, Jango or YouTube.

Copy the URL of the video, jukebox page or music link.

Go to the Facebook page of the person you want to send the music to. Put the cursor in the block at the top that says "write something." Paste the link. Facebook transforms the link into a miniature player on the person's wall.

Left click on the button that says "share." You have sent your song through Facebook.

Send Music You Own Through FaceBook

Set up a special page for a band. Enter the name of the group or your name if you are a publisher, songwriter or other owner of the music.

Sign the FaceBook agreement electronically, which contains the stipulation that you will upload only music that you own.

Use the Music Player application built in to the FaceBook band page to upload your song to the site.

Copy the Internet address of the page that plays your song.

Go to your friend's page and paste the link to the friend's wall. Your friend will have access to the song through FaceBook.

Send a Song You Own Through Facebook by Using SoundCloud

Navigate to the SoundCloud website, soundcloud dot com.

Upload the music you own to the site. Registration is optional.

Go to the SoundCloud page that plays your music.

Copy the URL for the page that plays your song.

Go to your friend's page and insert the link on the friend's wall.

Left click on the "share button." You have sent a song you own through Facebook.


Cofi Jukebox includes your song with several other hits from the same year. Tell your friend to click on the song in the jukebox menu.
If you wish you can include a message before pasting in the URL.


  • There are copyright and Facebook policy prohibitions for posting copies of other people's music on your Facebook page. Links to the music elsewhere are allowed. (see Ref. 4)
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