How to Sell Jewelry Designs

necklace image by Alison Bowden from

Many jewelry designers rely on sales of their creations to sustain their business, but selling jewelry designs will draw in crafty buyers who do not typically purchase finished pieces. By creating and selling tutorials for your own signature jewelry designs, you are selling your expertise and allowing a fellow artist to re-create your accessories. Unlike finished jewelry, designs can be sold multiple times with no extra cost or work on your end.

Things You'll Need

  • Paypal Account
  • Materials For Each Design
  • Computer
  • Camera

Select a design you would like to sell. Recreate the design while making note of exactly what you do for each step. Take photographs of important steps or procedures to add clarity to your tutorial.

Type each step of the process to create the finished piece of jewelry. Be specific and assume your reader has no previous knowledge about the process. Insert photos where appropriate and include a caption explaining each step.

Register for an online marketplace, such as Etsy or Artfire, if you have not already. Both sites specialize in handmade items and provide a simple interface for selling your jewelry designs.

Outline your copyright policies on your online store. Detail exactly how many times the design tutorial can be used and for what purposes. Let your potential buyers know if they can sell the pieces they make from your tutorial or if they are for personal use only. Consider including this information on the tutorial as well.

List your tutorials for sale on your web page. Include pictures of the finished piece and a description of the design and the materials involved. Make sure to include the experience level required to execute the steps in the design. Be sure to tell your customers how they will receive the tutorial after purchase.

Track your sales on your website and send out your tutorials as they sell. Create new jewelry design tutorials and continue to post them to your page.


  • Consider selling your jewelry design as a kit with instructions and all necessary materials.

    Sell your design tutorials at craft shows alongside finished pieces.