How to rush in Age of Empires 3 with Russia

By braniac ; Updated September 15, 2017
Age of Empires III

A how to article for Age of Empires 3. In this article learn the basics of rushing as Russia with strelets in AOE3.

Your deck should have the following in each age, add more as you see fit. Age 1: 300 wood Age 2: 600 and 700 food, 700 wood, 13 strelets age 3: put what ever you desire Age 4: Factory

Russia begins the game with 5 settlers and an explorer, send 3 of your villagers to hunt animals near of your town center, send one villiger out a little further to shoot the animals closer to your base.

Use the other two villigers to collect the crates at your Towncenter then have them hunt animals as well.

At the same time select your explorer and hold shift while you click around the mini map which sends him out to look for your enemy. Scout as much as possible and perhaps collect a few treasures.

As you gather food build more villagers and a house before the first batch finishes. Keep up house production with your population. Press "T" to go to your towncenter and create villagers faster. The first 11 villagers should be collecting food. When the shipment meter fills send your first card and collect the wood.

Send the next 3 villagers toward wood and the next 3 after that toward wood.

Blockhouse with strelets

When you read 800 food advance to age with with the Politician and send ten villagers to gather wood while you send one or two near of the enemy's base to build a block house. Once aged send your two new villagers to gather food and the two that were building the block house should be on wood, food or gold.

As you age another shipment should be available, send for 13 strelets and begin building them at your block house. Begin concentrating your army near your blockhouse while scouting for your enemy's villagers.

If you have an ally have them produce pikemen to aid you because they strelets are easily killed by calvary and also pikemen are good at destroying early buildings. Make sure to micromanage your armies to keep losses minimal.

Focus fire on one unit to kill more efficiently.  Target units with low health first.

Once you have 23 - 33 strelts begin attacking your enemy's villagers, make sure to target one at a time so that each shot kills one. If your opponant garrisons his villagers you have stopped his resource gathering. Pull back and continue to harass his units while falling back to keep your own alive.

Continue building houses and villagers, gather enough resources for Age 3 and continue to harass your enemy.


Avoid outposts and calvary because they counter strelets easily. If your rush fails fall back and attempt to boom and reach Age 3 as quickly as possible. Follow up your assault with musketeers, calvary, and cannons when the appropriate time comes. If your enemy is well prepared for your attack consider shifting your strategy and boom Visit your home city while nothing is happening early game and select your deck so that you save precious time later.