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How to Replace Hampton Bay Cushions

Hampton Bay is a popular furniture and patio furniture company that is generally sold through large chain stores like Home Depot. Because patio cushions see so much wear and tear from use or weather conditions, they typically need to be replaced at least every two years. To tell if your cushions need to be replaced, examine their upholstery fabric and stuffing. Faded fabric, lumpy cushion material and seams coming apart are all indications that you need new Hampton Bay cushions.

Things You'll Need:

  • Tape Measure
  • Swatches

Measure the cushions. Get the measurements of the width, length and thickness of each cushion. Measure the hinge. The hinge is the top of the cushion to the break of the chair. Write down their measurements. Read the tag on the cushion to see if it indicates the name of the particular line of cushions that you purchased from Hampton Bay.

Call the store where you purchased your Hampton Bay cushions if you recently bought the cushions. Oftentimes, you will find your cushions on sale at end of the season sales. Give the employee the description of the cushion.

Check out different online retailers for your specific cushions. If you purchased the cushions a few years ago, there will be few online stores that will carry last season's line.

Visit patio furniture stores and ask for a fabric sample. If you cannot find your exact cushions, you can have cushions custom made to fit your furniture. Also, bring in the dimensions of the existing cushions to find a replacement by another brand.

Place the sample swatch on your patio furniture to find the best pattern and color scheme that goes with the furniture. Order the cushions or buy replacement cushions if you find cushions that will fit your furniture.


Choose light colored material for prolonging the life of the cushions, because the sun greatly fades out fabric.

Use brightly colored cushions for making a dramatic statement.


  • Avoid buying any cushions without the dimensions of the previous patio furniture cushions. Buy only outdoor fabric that can get wet and withstand outdoor conditions.
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