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How to Replace Corelle Dishes

Hundreds of Corelle patterns exist.
toclante/iStock/Getty Images

Corelle dishware, which was created by Corning, has been on the market since the early 1970s. Hundreds of patterns exist, with many patterns eventually retired when the company comes up with new styles. Buying a replacement Corelle dish may be as simple as visiting the retailer where the dishes were originally purchased, or it may require buying the piece from a replacement-dish company offering retired styles and patterns.

Pattern Identification

If you still have the original Corelle packaging, check it to find a pattern name for the dish you wish to replace. If not, visit a replacement-dish website or World Kitchen, the official website for Corelle patterns. If the pattern is fairly recent or still in production, its image and name should be on the World Kitchen site. Replacement-dish websites list pattern names and images of discontinued patterns as well.

Purchasing One Piece

Call or visit a nearby Corelle outlet to find a replacement for a recent dish; outlets may or may not have what you seek, as inventory changes frequently. Contact Corelle customer service through World Kitchen to determine if the company still has pieces from the set you seek. Otherwise, a replacement-dish company is your best option, as they carry single pieces of countless patterns, new and old.

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