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How to Repair a Technics Piano

Technics digital keyboards and pianos are no longer produced.
Piano image by Guillaume BAUDRY from Fotolia.com

Technics keyboards and digital pianos were manufactured by Panasonic. While these keyboards and pianos are no longer produced, they are still used and manuals for them can be found on the Panasonic website. Here is an outline of several common issues with Technics pianos and their resolutions.

Resolving Volume and Basic Malfunction Issues

Turn off the "Power," button, unplug your keyboard, then plug it back in and turn it on again.

If little or no sound is being produced, adjust the volume with the "Main Volume" control.

Check the volume for the selected parts you are playing if "Main Volume" is turned up and the keyboard is still not producing sounds. The parts' volume may be set to low or minimum levels. Use the balance buttons to adjust the volume for individual parts. If one of the parts is muted, the volume will say "Mute." Press one of the balance buttons for an individual part to unmute it.

If sound is still not being produced, the "Local Control" setting may be off. You can turn it back on by selecting "Part Setting" on the "Midi Menu" display.

If none of the above steps work, try resetting your Technics keyboard or piano. While pressing the three lower left buttons in "Rhythm Group" (these buttons are "soul & disco," "gospel & blues," and "country and western,") turn the power button on again. This will reset all functions to their factory settings.

Resolving Other Issues

If unwanted percussive sounds are being played, make sure the "Keyboard Perc" button is turned off in the "Sound Group" section.

If you are not able to select other sounds, the "General Midi" status may be set to on, which would prevent you from changing some sounds in order to produce a generic midi sound. Under the "Common Settings" menu, turn this status to off.

If the sustain pedal is not working, first check that the pedal cord is firmly connected to the "Pedal In" terminal on the back of your keyboard. Also check that the "Sustain Pedal" button on your keyboard is turned on.

If the sostenuto pedal or soft pedal are not working properly, turn off the keyboard or piano and turn it back on. Different sounds can be produced using these pedals, but turning off the instrument will reprogram them to their original settings.

If rhythm will not start, check that the "Rhythm Volume" and the "Drums" volume are set to an appropriate level. If it still doesn't work, you may have selected a rhythm from "Composer Memory" that has no stored pattern. Try selecting a different rhythm.


  • Never adjust any wires or cords while the keyboard is plugged in.
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