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How to Repair a PS3 Disk Drive

The PlayStation 3 may have a number of disk drive issues. The disk drive might not read the disc adequately or the disc drive may be stuck. In order to avoid a costly repair charge for what could be a simple problem, you may want repair the PlayStation 3 disk drive yourself. With simple tools, safely take apart your PlayStation 3 and find out the specific problem with your disk drive.

Things You'll Need:

  • Playstation 3
  • Cd Or Dvd
  • Screwdriver

Turn off your PlayStation 3 and disconnect the system from its power supply.

Lay the PlayStation 3 horizontally.

Remove the warranty sticker. The warranty sticker should be on the side of the PlayStation 3 system. A screw will be revealed underneath the sticker.

Unscrew the screw found underneath the warranty sticker. The screw holds the top cover of the PlayStation 3.

Slide the top cover of the PlayStation 3 off.

Unscrew seven bolts found across the system. Removing the screws will help you open up the PlayStation 3 and reveal the disk drive.

Lift the disk drive off from the PlayStation 3 carefully. You will notice a ribbon cable connecting the disk drive to the rest of the PlayStation 3.

Click the ribbon cable off the disk drive. The disk drive is now free from the system.

Lay the disk drive down on a flat surface and begin unscrewing the bolts on the disk drive. This exposes the controller board.

Remove the controller board carefully and disconnect the controller board from the ribbon cables that connect the board with the rest of the disk drive.

Take off the cover of the disk drives. The disc drive is now exposed.

Test the functionality of the disc drive. See if you can carefully put a disc in the drive halfway. If you are having difficulty pushing the disc in slightly, then the arms of the disc drive are broken. The simplest way to fix the arms is to lift and move them around until they are loose enough to work.

See if the disc drive door is operational. With the drive fully open, you can see if the disc drive door is able to open. Remove or fix whatever may be blocking the door.

Investigate the laser. The laser is connected to the ribbon cable in the drive. Gently, make sure the laser is able to move back and forth in the drive. You can also unclip the ribbon cable and remove two bolts keeping the laser in the drive. Try to see if the laser is scratched or has something blocking it.

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