How to Repair a Chateau by Moen Faucet

Chateau builds a series of mid-priced faucets that are classical in design and based off the Moen cartridge system. Although they contain very few parts, the Chateau series of faucets can develop leaks or a loss in water pressure due to normal use or improper installation. The most common problem is a loss of pressure or small leaks that develop with age, as constant pressure and heat seep into the cracks, causing a separation through which moisture can eventually escape.

Things You'll Need

  • Moen Replacement Cartridge #1224
  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Hex Key (3/32")
  • Wire Scrub Brush

Locate the water main for the room in which you are repairing the faucet. The water main can be identified as one or two handles attached to copper pipes or a flexible metal tubing. Turn these handles counterclockwise at least one half a turn to the off position. (See the Warnings section.)

Use your hex key on the star-shaped aperture located on the bottom side of the faucet spigot. Turn the key counterclockwise to loosen it. After it is loose, you can safely remove the spigot to reveal the cartridge beneath it.

Attach your adjustable wrench to the cartridge and turn it half a turn counterclockwise to unlock it. You may now remove the old cartridge system.

Scrub all threaded metal parts and the hole that you just removed the cartridge from with your wire scrub brush. You only need to scrub them lightly; you want to reduce the calcium buildup on the parts to ensure a tight fit. (Calcium will be white and visible.)

Insert the new cartridge replacement into the old slot and use your wrench to turn it half a click clockwise, locking it into place.

Reattach the spigot, tightening it back into place by turning the hex key clockwise in the star-shaped hole.


  • If you find it difficult to remove hard water stains and calcium deposits, you may mix water with about 10% vinegar to create a mixture that you can spray on the deposits to help dissolve them. Dipping your wire scrub brush in this mixture and then scrubbing is also an excellent method for breaking down calcium.


  • Repairing plumbing fixtures can be very dangerous if attempted while the water main is in the on position. Hot and cold water pipes carry water in excess of 100 degrees under considerable pressure. Opening a cartridge or damaging a pipe can cause scalding water to spray across the entire room, causing serious injury.