How to Repair a CD that Skips

Get access to your music again by repairing your CD.

You could purchase a commercial CD scratch repair kit to try to fix your damaged compact disc, but you might want to first try some remedies that use household products. If you notice that your CD is scratched and skipping -- or it often freezes up -- try a do-it-yourself repair. Make sure the disc is completely dry before using it in your computer or CD player.

Hold the CD by the edges and clean the entire bottom of the disc with a lightly soapy water on a cloth. Dry it with a clean, lint-free cloth. Make sure the motion is from the center out to the edges. Do not wipe in circles.

Dampen a corner of a cloth with water and apply plain white toothpaste -- or metal polish -- if you see scratches. Gently, moving from the inner part of the disc to the outer part, smooth over the scratch with whatever you're using. Do this a couple times. Then gently clean it off with water, and wipe it dry with another section of the cloth. The scratch will most likely still be there, but smoothing it out will usually prevent the disc from skipping.

Polish the disc with a chamois cloth and an oil-based clear shoe polish or petroleum jelly. Remember to wipe in straight lines from the inside out.

Repeat the process if the disc still skips.



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