How to Remove Wrinkles From a Silk Dress

angellleee |

Few things make a woman feel sexier than a really great silk dress. Unfortunately, silk dresses have a habit of getting wrinkles easily. Even if all the proper precautions are taken, it is almost impossible to keep a silk dress wrinkle free. However a few small wrinkles, or even a lot of large wrinkles, should not have you running off to the dry cleaners each time. Easily, quickly and inexpensively you can remove those unattractive wrinkles from a silk dress at home.

Things You'll Need

  • Iron with steam option
  • Hanger

Hang the dress into the bathroom before getting ready. Hang it so it hangs flat and is not touching any other surface.

Close the bathroom door and start a hot shower. Take a long and very hot shower. The steam from the shower will begin to loosen the wrinkles in the dress and will not damage it.

Shake out the dress after getting out of the shower but before opening the bathroom door. This will help some of the wrinkles to fall out of the silk dress.

Hang the dress in another area of the house, near an electrical outlet, that allows you to walk completely around the dress to treat the wrinkles.

Plug in an iron with steaming options near the dress and turn it to high.

Hold the iron about six inches away from the dress and blast the wrinkles with steam from the iron. While hitting the wrinkles with one hand, use the other hand to tug slightly on the hem of the dress to help pull out the wrinkles. With a little perseverance even the worst wrinkles will come out with this method.


  • It is okay to use an iron on silk if the iron is set to a very low temperature setting. Use an iron directly on the dress as a last resort to prevent any irregularities or burns in the silk.


  • Do not get closer than four inches to a silk dress with a hot iron.