How to Remove Piercing Studs

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Things You'll Need

  • Liquid soap
  • Water
  • Paper towel
  • Plastic bag

After receiving a body piercing, you may want to remove your piercing studs to change the jewelry to a different style or to allow the piercing holes to close completely. Piercing studs should not be removed until you have completed the healing process. Your professional piercer will examine your piercings during the healing process and recommend when to remove or change your jewelry. Before purchasing new jewelry, ask your piercer what style and size is appropriate for your piercing and anatomy.

Place an open plastic bag on your sink. Ask your piercer for a small jewelry bag that seals to store your jewelry in. Wash your hands with liquid soap and warm water. If your jewelry has visible dried fluids in a crust form, wash the crusts off to prevent ripping or tearing the inside the piercing when removing the studs. Dry your ears and jewelry with a paper towel.

Grip the front of the piercing stud with one hand. Use the other hand to grip the earring back that is holding your earring in place behind your ear. Pull the earring back toward the pointed edge of the piercing stud while gently pulling the front of the earring in the opposite direction.

Pull the piercing stud back until you hear the clicking sound of the earring back passing through the notches on the piercing stud shaft. Press the front of the earring in towards your earlobe as the earring back comes off the stud post to prevent the stud from falling out of the front of your earlobe piercing.

Wash the earring back with soap and water and pat dry with a paper towel. Place the earring back into the plastic bag. Pull the stud of the earring out of your piercing from the front of your ear and wash the stud. Dry off the stud with a paper towel. Seal the plastic bag after placing the stud in the bag. For more than one piercing, repeat this process to remove other jewelry in your ear.


  • Remove the back off a similar piercing stud that is not in your ear to practice before attempting to remove your jewelry.

    Lubricating the piercing stud post with soap if your skin is tight around the piercing.


  • Never touch or remove your piercing jewelry if your piercings are irritated or infected.

    Visit a professional piercer for help with irritated or infected piercings.