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How to Remove No Sew Glue

No sew glue for fabrics is possible to remove.
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No-sew glue is a type of adhesive made for fabrics to take the place of sewing. It is useful to add lace, sequins, rhinestones or similar items to outfits with materials that are best not sewn through. But when an item is placed in the wrong spot, looks odd, does not adhere properly or otherwise needs removal, getting the glue off can seem difficult. But the glues are usually removable.

Things You'll Need:

  • Soap
  • Adhesive Remover
  • Scraper
  • Hot Water

Look at the product before trying any removal methods. Depending on the type of glue and the adhesive properties, the methods of removal will differ. Some glues are easier to remove, such as those used on delicate items such as lace; others are harder to remove as they are designed for tougher materials, such as polyester.

Spray an adhesive remover on the glued item. For any tough glue product, adhesive removers are appropriate. Test the remover on an inconspicuous piece of fabric, such as the inside hem, to ensure the remover will not cause problems on the fabric. If it does not, spray the remover on the glue. Allow it to sit as directed by the remover's manufacturer and then use a scraper to gently scrape the item away from the cloth. Spray more remover as needed to remove the item and the glue completely.

Get the glued area of the fabric wet with hot water and apply soap to the area. In the case of no-sew glues designed for delicate materials, hot water and soap are usually enough to remove the glue. The glue is safe in washing machines set on delicate with cold water, but it breaks down with hot water.

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