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How to Restore Bone China

Repairing broken bone china doesn't have to be a costly ordeal, and can be accomplished at home.
china tea cups image by pdtnc from Fotolia.com

Things You'll Need:

  • Fast drying, water resistant epoxy
  • Acetone
  • Cotton swabs
  • Scotch tape
  • Warm, soapy water


If the china is very fragile, or if the broken pieces join together awkwardly, use tape on both sides after you glue the broken pieces.


  • Be careful to avoid cutting yourself or breaking any more of the pieces when you're washing the broken china.

Using the right tools, it is possible to repair broken bone china without the help of a professional. But remember that Super Glue is not the answer! You should never attempt to fix broken bone china using glue. Hardened glue cannot be removed and makes seamless repair nearly impossible. If you're not confident you can fix your broken china, seek expert help.

Thoroughly clean and rinse the broken pieces with warm, soapy water.

Let the pieces dry naturally and completely.

Swab the broken edges of the china with a cotton swab soaked in acetone to make sure the sides are free of dirt and oil.

Apply a thin, even line of epoxy along one edge of the broken china and join the two sides. Do not apply epoxy to both sides.

Adjust the glued pieces to try and get the best fit.

Wipe away excess epoxy leaking from the seams with another cotton swab soaked in acetone.

Tape the glued pieces together using Scotch tape to hold the china in place.

After the epoxy has dried, carefully remove the tape.

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