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How to Remove Gem-Tac Glue From Rhinestones

When you are applying rhinestones to a project Gem-Tac glue is your best friend, but when you need to remove rhinestones or have gotten the glue on top of the stone, your project suddenly becomes very frustrating. Fortunately, all it takes to remove the glue is the right tools and a steady hand.

Things You'll Need:

  • Acetone
  • Cotton Swab

Blot the end of a cotton swab with acetone so that it is just barely damp.

Gently rub the cotton swab over the area of the rhinestone that the glue needs to be removed from. The acetone will liquify the glue and the cotton swab will wipe it away.

Run the cotton swab around the edge of the stone until you can gently loosen it off of the project, if you are attempting to remove the stone.


If there is an excessive amount of glue to be removed you may have to repeat this process multiple times for the same stone.


  • Always check for color-fastness of fabric around the stone before applying acetone. Step 1, blotting, is very important. If there is too much acetone on your cotton swab the acetone may drip onto undesirable areas, such as underneath the stone or onto fabric that reacts poorly to the acetone.
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