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How to Put a Lyre on a Trombone

Lyres are used to hold music for musicians who are required to be in motion.
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The trombone, a member of the brass family of instruments, has seen many changes over the past three centuries. England, Germany and France have all had different versions of the musical instrument.

If you play the trombone in a marching band and you have not memorized all your music, you may need a lyre, which acts as a small music stand. A lyre allows the performer to see the music while marching or walking. Different lyre models have been developed for the trombone, but the most common lyre you will use is a ring lyre.

Look at the top of your trombone. Locate the top of the first slide brace. This is a thick, horizontal tube of brass that connects to the second brace slide.

Remove your lyre from its packaging. Notice the adjustable ring.

Remove the screw from the lyre adjustment ring.

Pull the ring apart gently and fit it over the top of the first brace. The music clamp should be at least 6 inches away, and facing you. You may use the slide tube to help gradually slide the lyre up to the brace.

Put the screw back at the base of your ring and tighten your lyre.

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