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How to Know If One Has a Bundy Clarinet

Bundy clarinet in case

Bundy clarinets are often used as student or starter clarinets for beginning clarinetists. It is useful to know what model the instrument is so that appropriate supplies can be bought and maintenance be carried out when needed. There are several different parts on the clarinet that the Bundy logo and serial number will be placed, and this article will detail where the logo can be found.

Look at the top of the clarinet case (assuming the clarinet is in its original case). The logo should be on the top of the clarinet case, either in the middle or on the bottom left.


Hold the mouthpiece with the reed side facing away. The Bundy logo should be in the middle or bottom of the exterior of this side of the mouthpiece.

Check the barrel, which is the smallest piece of the clarinet and the piece that goes immediately under the mouthpiece, for the logo. The logo will be in the middle of the barrel.

Upper Joint

Inspect the upper joint with the keys facing up. The logo should be near the top of the upper joint. The serial number will be on the opposite side, above the thumb hole.

Lower Joint

To check the lower joint, lay it with the keys facing up and look for the logo at the bottom of the joint. The serial number should be near the top on the opposite side.


Look in the middle of the bell for the Bundy logo.


Selmer is the brand that manufactures Bundy clarinets, so the logo could also be a Selmer logo. The serial number can be used to tell what year the clarinet was manufactured. See Resources for a link to the Bundy serial number list.

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