How to Purchase Aida Cloth by the Yard

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Aida cloth is the common fabric for cross-stitch embroidery. If you find yourself going through a lot of Aida cloth or working in multiple projects, you will want to purchase Aida cloth by the yard. While craft stores, fabric stores, and on-line retailers sell a wide variety of small pieces of Aida cloth, finding Aida cloth for sale by the yard can be a challenge.

Two websites offer white or cream Aida cloth by the yard, but only in a 14-count weave. The website offers a 43-inch width, and if you purchase at least $35.00 in merchandise from the website, shipping is free. You can find 60-inch-wide Aida cloth at This website offers discounts if you order 5 or more yards of Aida cloth at a time.

Two websites sell colored Aida cloth by the yard. White Willow Stitching offers a wide variety of different cloth colors, including misty blue, peach, hunter green, black, natural, and wheat straw in counts of 14, 16, and 18. The Quilting Warehouse website also offers an extensive variety of colored Aida cloth in different counts. This website sells Aida cloth in half-yard pieces and 10-yard bolts.

Aida cloth can be purchased by the yard at online auction houses. The eBay auction site has auctions for purchasing Aida cloth in many different colors and counts. Most auctions offer the Aida cloth for sale in 1-yard increments. Enter "Aida yard" in the search box to find the current auctions. The eCrater online marketplace also offers Aida cloth for sale. This website enables private sellers to list their items for buyers to purchase through "Buy it Now" transactions. Enter "Aida yard" in the search box to find listings for Aida cloth in a variety of colors and counts.

Shop the old-school way at a brick-and-mortar fabric or craft store to purchase Aida cloth by the yard. Both Joann Fabric and Hobby Lobby offers a complete selection of Aida cloth sold off the bolt in whatever amount you desire in various colors and counts.

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