How to Print an Iron-on Transfer

Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

You can create unique fabric art for your family, team or business with just your computer and an inkjet printer. With iron-on transfer paper, you can print custom artwork for any fabric item. Iron-on transfer paper is specially coated with a peel-off backing, and different papers allow you to print iron-on transfers for different types of fabrics.

Choose the correct iron-on transfer paper for your printer and fabric. For example, if you have an inkjet printer you should use an iron-on transfer paper designed for inkjets.

Choose or create the artwork to print. You can scan artwork, download an iron-on transfer project from the internet or create your own digital artwork. You can use a variety of software programs, such as a photo editor. If you are only arranging text and images, you can use a word processing software.

Print a preview of your artwork on regular printer paper. Continue to make adjustments and print previews on regular paper until you are satisfied with how your artwork looks.

Check the orientation of your artwork. This is especially important for artwork that contains text, because the artwork will be flipped when you iron it on. Even if there is no text in your artwork, it is still a good idea to check the orientation. Hold your printed artwork up to a mirror and if it looks backwards, flip or “reverse” the artwork using your chosen software.

Select the highest dots per inch (DPI) setting for your printer and the correct setting for iron-on transfer paper. If you are not sure, check the iron-on transfer paper instructions or your printer manual.

Load the iron-on transfer paper into the paper tray or feed the roll of iron-on transfer paper into the printer. Make sure that the side to print on—the blank side—is oriented in the correct direction for your printer and that the paper is not creased or curled.

Print your artwork onto the iron-on transfer paper. Let the ink dry thoroughly and then carefully cut out the transfer, leaving about a ¼-inch around the edge. Iron the transfer onto your item with a household iron following the directions that came with the transfer paper.