How to Play Zuma

Play Zuma

Zuma is an online game of strategy and action that requires bold moves and quick thinking. The idea is to shoot different colored balls into a line of similar balls in order to clear them and prevent them from reaching the hole or holes. Three or more of a certain color of ball clears them, and there are some moves you can make to slow the flow. Come help the frog!

Your first bold move when playing Zuma should be to start from the back. Clearing balls from the rear of the line will sometimes stop the front portion from flowing. If you can manage it, this will give you more time to think about your moves up front.

Try and chain your clears. It is entirely possible that when you clear one set of balls, the backflow will bring two lines together that will cause another set to clear, and possibly more. These chains rack up huge points for you and can lead to some sweet bonuses.

Keep an eye out for special balls. Sometimes, certain balls will have a special icon on them, usually either a circle or a pause symbol. The circle indicates that if cleared, the ball and it's fellows will explode, clearing anything nearby. The pause button indicates that the flow will slow significantly for a short period of time, allowing you valuable seconds to catch up if you're behind.

Watch both ends. Many maps have multiple holes through which the balls can fall. If you concentrate on one and ignore the other, you're sure to end up in trouble. Keep a close watch on both your lines to make sure neither gets too far ahead of the other.

Hit the coins. Every now and again, a gold coin will appear on the board. If you can hit it with a ball, you'll score a ton of points and a bonus.


Download the full game for more levels!

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