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How to Play Jinx

How to Play Jinx. Jinx is a childhood game of consequences and payback. There is only one way to Jinx or be Jinxed--you must say the same words as another person out loud simultaneously. The consequences, however, are completely up to you.

Say "Jinx" when you and the person you're speaking to say the same word or phrase simultaneously. Say "Jinx" before the other person can say it.

Incorporate tie-breakers if you both say "Jinx" at the same time. Standard rules for Jinx have tie-breaking words in this order: "Double Jinx," "Triple Jinx," "Personal Jinx," "Personal Jinx Black Magic Jinx," "Your Mother Jinx" and "Mantii Jinx."

Instruct your jinxed friend that she can't speak until a certain event of your choosing happens. Popular conditions include the Jinxee buying the Jinxer a soda or waiting until someone else says the Jinxee's name.

Enforce a penalty if the person speaks before the Jinx has been lifted. The most popular penalty is a punch in the arm from the Jinxer. You can also have the person buy a soda as a penalty or pay a nominal fee (such as a dollar).


Only full words can be used in a Jinxing. If someone is saying a long word and you say the last syllable with them, it cannot be used for a Jinx. If you're trying to bait someone into a Jinx, try asking him questions to which you know the answers. You can try to say the answer with him and say "Jinx" once you are successful.

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