How to Play French Hopscotch

How to Play French Hopscotch. Kids all around the world play hopscotch. From country to country the name is different as well as the way the hopscotch grid is drawn. The following steps will show you how to draw and play the French version of hopscotch, which is called "Escargot" in French.

Draw the Hopscotch Grid

Draw a large swirl on the sidewalk or pavement for French hopscotch. The hopscotch will look like a large snail and have 3 large swirls inside it with a small circle in the very middle.

Make lines to form boxes all around the swirls. You should have 16 lines when you are done.

Number the boxes starting at one on the bottom of the first swirl on the outside and going all the way to 17 in the middle.

Play the Hopscotch Game

Hop on one foot starting at square one all the way to the middle of the swirl. Take a rest in every center of the hopscotch grid.

Lose a turn if you step on any lines as you jump through the hopscotch grid, causing the next person in line to start their turn.

Return to square one by hopping all the way back around on the same foot.

Go around again and back for the second time.

Choose a square on the way back for the second time to mark as your "house" if you were successful in hopping in and out both times without stepping on any lines. Draw your initials on the square you have chosen.

Take turns going around the hopscotch grid hopping on one foot, resting on the squares with your initials in them with both feet and jumping over squares with other people's initials on them. With each turn, choose an additional square to write your initials on.

End the game when it is impossible for anyone to hop to the center of the hopscotch grid. The winner is the player with the most squares with their initials in them at the end of the game.


You will be hopping on the same foot throughout the game of French hopscotch and cannot change feet as you hop through the hopscotch grid.

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