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How to Play Annie Annie Over

Annie Annie Over is a kids' game that has been played for many, many years. A ball wall is the perfect set up for this game, however you can play this by throwing the ball over a house or short building. The following steps will show you how to play the game of Annie Annie Over.

Things You'll Need:

  • A Small Ball Such As A Tennis Ball
  • 6 Or More Players
  • A House, Small Building Or A Wall

Split the group of kids into teams. Have half the kids go to one side of the house, short building or wall and the other half of the kids go to the other side.

Decide which team will go first by playing a rhyming game such as eeny-meeny-miney-moe, one potato-two potato or another such chanting game.

Call out "Annie Annie Over!" and throw the ball over the house, building or wall to the team on the other side if you are the team to go first.

Try to catch the ball as the ball comes over to your side in the game. Throw the ball back over the house, building or wall and call out "Annie Annie Over!" if you fail to catch the ball.

Sneak around the house, building or wall and throw the ball at members of the other team if you have caught the ball.

Go over to the other team if you are hit with the ball by that team. If the ball fails to hit a player, it becomes the other team's turn to throw the ball over.

End the game when one team is entirely depleted of players.


Wait a few seconds after you've caught the ball to throw the ball at your opponents so you can sneak up on the other team. You can also wait a few moments to throw the ball back over the wall to psych them out. If the ball doesn't make it over the house, building or wall, the throwers yell "Pigtail!" and they try to throw it over again.

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