How to Perform a Mind-blowing "Stripper Deck" Card Trick

Things You'll Need

  • Stripper Deck
  • Great acting/performance skills

A Stripper deck is a card deck wherein the length of one side of each card is shorter than the length of the other side.

When the orientation of cards are reversed, they will protrude slightly from the rest of the deck and will be easy to swipe or remove.

This tutorial will instruct you how to perform an absolutely mind-blowing card trick similar to one of David Blaine's, that combines a few techniques.

Before beginning, place whatever card you will use in the trick, on top of the deck. We will use the Eight of Diamonds in this. Place the Eight of Diamonds (8D) on top of the deck and find a spectator.

Force the 8D onto your Spectator by splitting the deck in half and asking her to touch a half. The top half must be used, so if she touches the bottom half, inform her you had her touch whatever half you did not intend on using.

Offer the top card, the Eight of Diamonds. As she memorizes it, rotate your Stripper Deck 180 degrees. She will place the card back in and you will feel its edges slightly protruding.

Shuffle carefully and cut in a way that places the Eight of Diamonds, her card, on top of the deck.

DOUBLE LIFT (term for lifting two cards but presenting them as one) the top two cards and ask her to hold out her hand. She will see the second card (we'll call it the Three of Clubs), when in reality, you are holding the Three of Clubs with the Eight of Diamonds behind it.

Place them back on top of the deck and, while face down, place the top card onto her outstretched hand.

She will think it is the Three of Clubs when it is actually the Eight of Diamonds.

Here is where acting comes in. You know what her card is but you need to build up your "guess" to make it more dramatic. Tell her you are going to figure it out based on her reactions when you showed her the Three of Clubs.

Slowly build up your guesses - "It's higher than a three"...."It's definitely a red suit" and more of the sort.

Guess her card - the Eight of Diamonds. She should seem freaked out a bit.

Ask her if she would be more impressed if, when you gave her the Three of Clubs, you made her see something that was not actually there.

She will look at you as if you are crazy.

Tell her to turn over the card in her hand. When she sees it is the Eight of Diamonds, the card she randomly picked in the beginning, she will go ballistic.


  • Double Lifts can be tricks but with a stripper deck can be easier due to the protruding side.


  • Do not perform this until you master use of stripper decks and double lifting. You will only give away the secret otherwise.

About the Author

Ever since attending a David Copperfield performance in 2003, I decided I wanted to have the same eye-opening effect on others, that Copperfield had on me. After a few years of learning and non-stop practicing, I began performing magic on the streets, in houses, and anywhere else I could. With a wide array of experience, I am here to teach you about magic tricks, but also how to properly perform them in public. After all, if your performance is not up to par, the trick will fail.