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How to Peel a China Marker

China markers are also commonly called grease or wax pencils.
Tom Marvin/iStock/Getty Images

China markers have a special formula to allow them to mark on porcelain and china. They are similar in texture to a crayon, but the resemblance stops there. China markers have the ability to stain the skin and have a paper wrapper around them to keep your hands clean. As you use the china marker, you will need to remove this paper wrapper to expose the unused marker beneath.

Firmly grasp the china marker in one hand.

With the other hand, locate the black string extending from the top of the marker.

Gently pull this string so the string cuts through the paper wrapper down to the level where you want to remove the wrapper.

Grab one of the newly exposed ends of the paper wrapper from the top of the marker and tug at it to peel the china marker down to the level of the string.

Trim away the excess string and paper.


China markers will write on slick surfaces such as glass, plastic and photo paper.

Retractable china markers are available for users who are constantly on the go.

Use a soft cloth and some acetone to wipe away unwanted marks with ease.

Use a knife to shave the tip of a grease pencil if you need a sharp point.

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