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How to Open a GameCube

Do you want to be able to open up your Nintendo GameCube? Many consumers and sellers are looking for the easiest solution for opening up a GameCube to check or modify the console. As most know, Nintendo uses a special security screw that no ordinary screw driver can open. An option that many have resorted to is purchasing a special screwdriver bit available through various online stores. However, this article will provide the steps for the cheapest method--that of using an ordinary writing pen to unscrew the screws.

Things You'll Need:

  • Ballpoint Pen
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Lighter

How to Open a GameCube

First, you need to make any ordinary clear, plastic pen into your screw driver tool. Make sure the cap is off the end. Carefully, burn the end of the pen with a lighter. Maker sure not to burn yourself or get any liquid on you. After a few seconds, make sure the melted plastic is tucked into the pen with enough space to pull out easily the ink pen inside. Once the ink is pulled out, you can now use the pen as a screwdriver.

Now, that the special security screws are undone and the bottom is open, you can use a regular Phillips screwdriver. Keep your GameCube upside down with the bottom off and open. With regular Phillips, unscrew the two screws on the long side of the console, beside the fan. You can now remove, or simply lower, the front panel of the GameCube by unsnapping the clips on each side.

With the front panel pulled down, you will need to unscrew and remove all of the newly visible screws. Make sure all the screws are removed from the outside edges. You will now be able to remove the fan. A clear metal plate is what should be visible now.

Unscrew and remove the screws from all sides of the metal plate. There should be six screws in all. To take apart the circuit board, you will need to unplug the attached cables on each side. You will most likely only need to do this if you are replacing the motor. If you are replacing the motor, you will need to unplug the motor cable on the circuit board. This motor cable is a small blue wire with two plugs attached.

Finally, you remove the motor, if you wish, once the circuit board is removed. If you remove the laser in the motor, carefully unscrew and remove the two screws holding the laser in. For any other questions concerning repair or the process of opening your Nintendo GameCube, you can connect Nintendo (see link in Resources).


If you feel uncomfortable using the pen method to unscrew the security screws, buy the specialty tool. It is referred to as a GameCube nut driver tool.


  • Only open your Nintendo GameCube if you are confident doing so. Check your warranty and contact Nintendo for repair if there is a serious problem and you are not sure you can fix it.
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