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How to Open a CD Case

Opening a CD case can be frustrating because of the excessive packaging.
cd-ROM and plastic case isolated image by Albo from Fotolia.com

In order to prevent theft, CD cases are sealed with a sticker and covered with shrink wrap. This excessive packaging has made opening a CD case synonymous with frustration. Many customers find it difficult to locate a seam where the plastic shrink wrap can be broken in order for the packaging to be peeled away. Once the plastic is finally removed, the security sticker is an additional obstacle between the customer and his music. Thankfully, tips are available now to expedite the process of opening the CD case.


Hold the CD case, also called jewel case, with the top facing up. Slide your fingernail back and forth in the hinge of the case to break the plastic shrink wrap seal. Unwrap the shrink wrap, removing it completely from the front, side and back of the case.

Hold the CD case upright and locate the sticker that holds the jewel case closed at the very top. Lift the corner of the sticker with your fingernail and peel it from the case. This may take multiple tries, as the sticker is difficult to remove. Discard the shrink wrap and sticker in a trash receptacle.

Set the CD case in your right hand and grasp firmly, holding the case in the palm of your hand between your thumb and middle finger. Place your left hand over the top of the case, grasping the top and bottom edges with your thumb and middle finger. Firmly pull down with your right hand while simultaneously pulling up with your left hand.

Flip the lid open and hold the case again with your right hand. Gently slide your finger from your left hand under the top edge of the CD while pushing the circular center located in the middle of the disc with your thumb. Pop the CD out, freeing it from the case.


Rather than remove the sticker with your fingernail, you may opt for an alternative method. After removing the plastic shrink wrap, locate the side of the CD case that does not contain the sticker. Gently pull the corner hinge away from the case far enough so that it can come loose without breaking it. Open the case and easily peel the sticker off. Close the case and reattach the hinges.

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