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How to Mix Turquoise Oil Paint

Oil paint is easy to mix.
Palette with oil paints image by petercoupe from Fotolia.com

Mixing oil paints is not a precise science. Ask six painters to make the color turquoise for you, and you will end up with six similar, but fundamentally different, shades. To mix the shade of turquoise that you are looking for, it is helpful to use a guide. Keep the picture or color swatch next to you as you paint. The basic components of turquoise are green and blue. Once you mix your base, lighten or darken the hue until it matches your example.

Things You'll Need:

  • White Paint
  • Black Paint
  • Blue Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Green Paint
  • Paint Palette

Mix equal parts blue and green paint to make a basic turquoise.

Lighten the turquoise, if necessary, by adding white paint. Add small amounts at a time and mix well. Do your best to keep track of the amount you add, so you can repeat the process later.

Give dimension to the color or match it accurately to your example. Add small amounts of blue, gray, green (or any other colors) to achieve the specific shade of turquoise you are looking for.

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