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How to Paint a Wall to Look Like Water

Paint a Wall to Look Like Water

Things You'll Need:

  • Paint
  • Sea sponges


Halve the amounts of paint in the first step for a smaller project. Practice your technique before tackling an entire wall. Experiment with colors until you're satisfied that the hues are right.


  • Don't soak the sponges with paint.

Create a new decorating theme for a room by painting a wall to look like water. Evoke the seashore in a family room, or add a calming touch to a bedroom with this simple process. Natural light from windows in the daytime or artificial light in the evening will play along the painted wall and add to the illusion of water. Experiment with color combinations before you begin to paint a wall to look like water.

Combine eight cups of a neutral-colored base paint with four cups paint in a shade of blue that resembles water in a plastic bowl. Add 1 cup of water and mix thoroughly. Use the same formula to create a green paint.

Dab the blue paint onto the wall lightly with a sea sponge. Work on one section of the wall at a time.

While the paint is still slightly wet, gently go over it with a clean, dampened sponge for a subdued, watery look and smooth out areas where the paint is too intense. Allow to dry.

Step back and make sure you're creating the desired affect. Adjust your paints if necessary, and then finish the wall.

Dab a little bit of yellow paint in one section to suggest sunlight sparkling on the water once the wall has dried thoroughly.

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