How to Make Your Own Duvet (Comforter) Cover

Things You'll Need

  • Two flat sheets the same size as your comforter.
  • Matching thread
  • Buttons or zipper (optional)
  • Sewing machine or good fabric glue.

Nothing can change the feel of your bedroom quicker than new bedding. You can brighten it for summer, switch out for Christmas with a holiday theme, even consider using flannel in the winter. But who can afford to constantly change their bedspread? In Europe they've used comforter covers (duvet covers) for a long time, America is catching on. It allows you to wash the cover frequently and change it on a whim. This article will show you how to make your own!

Check out this bold look!

Buying a duvet cover can be pricey. Plus they usually come in very boring patterns and colors. Why not mix it up? You can buy a nice down comforter for inside the cover, or just cover the one you have now. Let's say the comforter you have is a queen. Think about what kind of style you want to achieve. Got an idea? Time to shop!

Have fun with the pattern

If you want a nice, good quality duvet cover you need to buy sheets of a high thread count. You don't need to head to Macy's though, be smart and save some money. Ross, Marshalls and other discount stores have fabulous quality sheets marked waaaay down. You can get up to 600 thread count sheets for a fraction of store prices. The only problem is finding two flat sheets that match. Remember, if you find one you love but can't find a match, pick a complimentary color for the back side.

Now it's time to put them together. Lay them down on the floor, right sides together (patterns facing each other). What you want to do is either sew or glue around three sides. Sewing will give you a much more pliable finished product, and will last longer. The fourth side is where you'll insert the comforter. To have a finished edge where the cover closes, fold over that edge on both pieces and sew a nice finished edge. Some people will sew about 1/4 of the length on each corner so there is a smaller area to insert the comforter. That may drive you crazy when trying to get the cover on. You decide.

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How do you want the cover to close? If you can sew, some people will insert a zipper. You can use velcro (glue or sew in), or make button holes and use buttons. Go ahead and install whatever closure mechanism you want to use.

Here's a trick to make putting your old comforter into the cover easier. While it's still right side out, grab one of the two farthest corners in each hand. Now using the same hands, grab the same corners on your comforter. Pull your hands and the comforter until you have the cover right side out. The comforter will follow your hands and you'll have it inserted nicely. Some people don't like their comforters to shift and will use a small stitch on each corner to hold it in place.

The next time you notice your comforter is getting dirty, remove the cover and launder. Feeling like a change? Go ahead, now you know how!

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  • If you plan to use your existing comforter, be sure to get sheets that aren't see through so your old comforter doesn't show through.