How to Make Your Own Baseball Party Decorations

Things You'll Need

  • 11-by-17-inch construction paper
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Photos
  • Baseball-themed stickers
  • Markers
  • Temporary adhesive
  • White streamers
  • Red gel pen
  • White balloons
  • Wire photo holder
  • Baseball memorabilia
  • 3-inch Styrofoam balls
  • Red paint pen
  • 1/4-inch wood dowels
  • Styrofoam
  • Rectangular basket
  • Green ribbon
  • 11-by-11-inch tan cardstock
  • 12-by-12-inch green cardstock
  • White cardstock
  • Glue stick
  • Paper tableware
  • Rubber stamps and ink

Hosting a baseball-themed party can be a fun way to celebrate a child's birthday, a recreational team’s successful season or a gathering of friends to watch a World Series game. Whatever the reason, you can easily create a lively atmosphere with handmade decorations featuring team colors, favorite players or sports memorabilia. Customized decorations will help you evoke the excitement of the ballpark right in your own living room or dining room.

Create personalized pennants out of construction paper in team colors. Make the long triangle by using a ruler and pencil to draw diagonal lines from the two corners of an 11-inch side to the center of the opposite 11-inch side. Cut along the lines and decorate the paper pennant with team photos or images of favorite players, baseball-themed stickers or pen drawings. Affix the pennants on the wall with temporary adhesive.

Make streamers with a baseball feel to hang from doorways, across the ceiling or over windows. Use a red gel pen to draw a long line along the length of a white streamer. Draw half-inch lines cutting perpendicularly across the long line to resemble the red stitching on white baseballs. Add the same “stitches” to white balloons tied to chairs and doorknobs.

Design baseball-themed table decorations for refreshment or gift tables using wire photo holders. Simply display baseball cards, ticket stubs from baseball games, pictures of your child’s little league team and additional baseball-related memorabilia in the “arms” of the photo holder.

Assemble a lightweight baseball centerpiece by using a paint pen to add red stitch lines to 3-inch white Styrofoam balls. Insert a 1/4-inch wood dowel into the bottom of each ball and cut the dowels into a variety of lengths with sharp scissors. Insert the dowels into a piece of Styrofoam concealed in a long, rectangular basket. Top the Styrofoam with handfuls of green ribbon designed to mimic the look of ballpark grass.

Produce baseball diamond placemats by affixing an 11-by-11-inch piece of tan cardstock to a 12-by-12-inch piece of green cardstock with a glue stick. Cut 2-inch squares of white cardstock and affix one to each corner of the tan cardstock to resemble bases.

Decorate the edges of paper tableware like cups, napkins and plates in your team colors with baseball-themed stickers or rubber-stamped images like baseball helmets, bats, cleats, peanuts or boxes of Cracker Jacks.


  • If you’re hosting a last-minute baseball party and don’t have time to create an assortment of decorations, simply buy streamers, balloons and tableware in your little league, intramural or favorite professional team’s colors. Hang baseball-themed embellishments like team posters, schedules and pennants on the doors and walls. Arrange baseball equipment like bats, hats and cleats into an eye-catching display in the corner of the room.


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