How to Make Wall Hangings for Kids

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Things You'll Need

  • Large sheet of felt
  • Smaller squares, or off cuts of felt in different colors
  • Pre-cut felt shapes (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Length of cord

Wall hangings make great craft projects you can have fun making with children. They can enjoy the end product as decorations in their rooms. Felt is a durable and versatile fabric that comes in a wide range of bright colors and different shapes and sizes. Larger pieces of felt, suitable as a base for the wall hanging, are available from fabric stores. Look out for ready cut shapes, such as alphabet letters, numbers and animal shapes, which can be found in craft stores and toy departments and can make decorating a wall hanging even simpler.

Place a large sheet of felt on a flat surface. This will form the main body of the wall hanging, so cut it to the size you wish it to be.

Fold over the top edge of the hanging to make an overlap of 1 inch and glue in place with craft glue at what will be the back of the hanging. Use the scissors to make two slits in this fold, about 2 inches from each edge. These slits should be just big enough to pass the cord through.

From the front, pass the two ends of the cord through the slits and, leaving enough loose cord at the front to suspend the hanging when it is finished, tie double knots at each end of the cord to secure it in place. The knots should be chunky enough that they cannot pass through the slits.

Cut out different shapes from the small squares and off cuts of felt and glue them in place. If you are using pre-cut shapes or numbers, add them now. Use the glue to attach extra layers of shapes to the ones already there to create features and more complicated pictures. For example, add two small white circles to a larger round circle to form eyes in a face, then add two even smaller circles inside the white circles to create the irises. Continue decorating until the hanging is finished.


  • Numbers and letters can give an educational aspect to a kid's wall hanging. For example, cut out the shape of an apple for the letter A, or attach shapes of the same six objects beside the numeral 6. Scenes from favorite children's stories also provide great inspiration for pictures on a kid's wall hanging.