How to Make Wall Crosses With Beads & Wire

Making wall crosses out of beads and wire is a fun easy craft that makes attractive and home decor and meaningful gifts. These instructions are for a simple wire, beaded Latin wall cross. A Latin cross is the traditional Christian cross, which has a vertical bar longer than the horizontal bar.

Things You'll Need

  • Needle-Nose Jewelry Pliers
  • Beads - Glass Or Plastic
  • Ruler
  • Craft Or Floral Wire
  • Wire Cutters

Making a Beaded Wire Cross

Gather all the items you will need for the project. Pour beads into containers and decide on a design or color scheme.

Cut two pieces of wire. For a Latin cross one piece will be longer than the other by one inch. A good size for wall crosses is 15- to 19-inches plus an inch for the hanger and half an inch for each end stop. So if you want a 19-inch wall cross, your vertical bar will be 21 inches (19 inches for the beads, one inch for the hanger, and half an inch, times two, for the ends stops) and your horizontal bar will be 19 inches.

Using the pliers, roll one end of your vertical bar in on itself to make a loop. Make sure this loop is larger than the hole in your beads. You can either leave the loop as is or flatten it so that it forms a cradle for the end bead.

Slide beads onto the wire until it is full (leaving room for the hanger loop at the top).

Repeat step three to make the hanger loop. This loop needs to remain vertical so you can hang the cross from it.

Use the ruler to measure one inch from the top of your vertical bar beginning just below the hanger loop; this is where you will attach the horizontal bar. Lay the horizontal bar across the vertical bar at this point.

Twist each of the arms towards the opposite arm, making sure they cross under the beads on the vertical bar.

Thread beads onto one of the arms until full (leaving enough room for the end stop loop).

Repeat step three to make the end loops. Again, you may leave the end loops as they are or flatten them to create a cradle for the end bead.

Repeat steps eight and nine for the other arm.


  • Your hanging loop and end loops may be larger or smaller, just make sure the loop is larger than the hole on the bead, otherwise they may fall off the wire.

    This tutorial is just one option for making a wall cross. Play with the beads and wire to create more elaborate designs.


  • Cutting the wires will produce sharp pointed ends to them. You can hammer the tips to flatten them a bit, making them less sharp. Be careful to not make them too flat or the beads won't thread over it.

    If you plan to use glass beads make sure they have center holes that are large enough to accommodate the wire.