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How to Make Traditional Irish Crafts

Traditional Irish crafts were not often made for market, or for income. Irish people made folk crafts to use in the home or to give away to close friends and family. These projects were often used for warding off evil or to draw blessings and protection to the family, their land and possessions. Many of these crafts were easy to make with items found around the house or in nature. To this day, Irish traditional crafts make fun projects and interesting displays.

Things You'll Need:

  • Corn Husks
  • Scissors
  • Twine
  • Raffia
  • Frame
  • Marker
  • 2 Sticks
  • Celtic Knot Stencils
  • Cardboard
  • Tape
  • Shamrock Die Cuts

Corn Dollies

Use corn husks recently shucked from corn, or dried ones from the market used for making tamales. Soak dried corn husks for 20 minutes in water and pat dry before using them.

Lay two or three corn husks on a table. Tie the corn husks together tightly with twine about ½ inch from the tips and knot it.

Grasp the knotted twine between your thumb and forefinger with the length of the corn husks above your finger. Fold the corn husks down over the knotted twine to cover it. Grasp the corn husks on the outside, with the twine and knot hidden on the inside.Tie another piece of twine around it. The bulk inside will help create a rounded head.

Take two more corn husks. Place them cross-wise against corn dolly, just below the tie. Criss-cross twine to secure them. These will be the arms.

Tie another piece of twine just below the arms to create the waist. Leave the rest of the corn husks hanging down like a skirt. Place your corn dollie in a prominent spot to bring protection to the household.

Irish Welcome Sign

Take a piece of cardboard or cardstock paper.

Use a green marker to write, “Cead Mile Failte.” This is an Irish phrase meaning, “One hundred thousand welcomes.” Accent marks should be placed above the second letter in each word.

Take some shamrock die cuts and past them to the corners of your sign for decoration. Alternately, you could decorate around it with Celtic knot stencils.

Frame your sign and hang it where visitors will see it upon entering.

Samhain Parshell

Take two straight sticks, approximately six to eight inches long. Form a cross with them and tape or tie them in the center to hold it.

Tie raffia around the sticks where they meet.

Wrap the raffia around one side of one stick, above the meeting point. Going clockwise, wrap it around the next stick above the meeting point. Continue doing this going clockwise.

Weave the raffia around the sticks, getting further and further from the center each time you go around. Once you are about three inches away from the end of the sticks, stop and tie off the raffia.

Hang your Parshell where ever you wish to ward off evil.

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