How to Make Stormtrooper Armor

Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard
  • Aluminum foil
  • 1 can white spray paint
  • 1 can black spray paint
  • Velcro tabs
  • Serrated knife or utility scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • White sweatsuit

Since George Lucas’ Star Wars hit the big screen, people have wanted to “be” a stormtrooper. Stormtrooper costumes and action figures are big-ticket items with adults and children alike. There are many stores and websites offering the stormtrooper body armor—but at a hefty price. By custom-making your own stormtrooper armor, you can have an inexpensive and original alternative.

Purchase all of the materials for the stormtrooper armor. You may have to visit several different stores to obtain everything that you need. While you are at the stores, ask the employees if there are any large cardboard boxes that they can give away.

Measure your forearms, upper arms, torso, thighs and shins, or have a friend to trace your body on a large piece of cardboard. Double check the measurements or the tracing.

If you did not trace your body, draw the armor pieces onto some heavy cardboard. You should have two forearm pieces, two upper arm pieces, one large torso piece, two thigh pieces and two shin pieces. Check your drawings to make sure they match the measurements you took in Step 2.

Cut out the armor pieces using a sharp, serrated knife or utility scissors. Try to use long motions to prevent a lot of jagged edges to the cardboard.

Wrap the armor pieces with heavy-duty aluminum foil. Cover all of the cardboard surfaces with the foil. This will give you clean edges that aren’t jagged and help to reinforce the strength of the cardboard.

Paint the armor pieces using the white and black spray paint. Cover one entire side and let it dry completely before turning it over to paint the other side. Give each side about two hours to dry.

Attach Velcro tabs to your armor pieces after the spray paint has completely dried. Use at least four Velcro pieces on each section of armor. Each Velcro tab will have a corresponding tab that it sticks to. The corresponding tab needs to be attached to the white sweatsuit at the correct position. When you are wearing the sweatsuit, you can simply match up the Velcro tabs and attach your stormtrooper armor.


  • It is much easier to work with thick cardboard, heavy-duty aluminum foil, a good-quality spray paint and a sharp knife.


  • Always use caution with a knife or scissors. Cardboard edges can also become sharp and cut you.