How to Make Spring Shoes

sneakers image by Antonio Oquias from

Things You'll Need

  • Sharp knife
  • Old mattress
  • Scissors
  • Bolt cutters
  • Thick craft wire
  • Old sneakers
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks

This project involves recycling an old pair of shoes and a worn-out mattress to create a fun, high-flying pair of sneakers. This creative shoe project allows you to customize a pair of shoes by adding mattress springs to the bottom of them. This gives you the ability to jump a bit higher. Not to mention, these shoes are just cool to look at. Use caution when playing in spring shoes. This project is not recommended for children since they may trip and fall when jumping around on spring shoes.

Use a sharp knife to begin cutting through the layers of padding on an old mattress. Most mattresses have several layers of padding. Use caution when cutting through the layers to prevent personal injury. Use scissors if necessary. Peel away and discard each layer of the mattress padding.

Use a pair of bolt cutters to cut away the metal casing around the springs inside the mattress.

Cut off five to seven springs per shoe. Use bolt cutters to cut off each of the springs.

Coil a long piece of heavy-duty craft wire around the top of five to seven mattress springs. The springs should be placed in a line. The wire will help hold all of the springs together. Repeat with the other set of springs.

Turn one shoe from a pair over. Hold the wire-joined springs over the sole of the shoe. Attach the springs and wire to the shoes with a hot glue gun. Repeat with the second shoe. Allow the glue to dry. Tug on the springs to ensure a fit firm against the bottom of the shoes. Add more glue if necessary.