How to Make Spiders and Bugs Out of a Wire and Beads

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Things You'll Need

  • Medium-gauge jewelry wire
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • 1/2-inch beads
  • 3/8-inch beads
  • Ruler

Make creepy crawler jewelry to add a little bit of creativity to your Halloween decor. You can also use the beaded bugs project as an activity for a group of children or preteens at a Halloween celebration or a birthday party that falls close to the holiday. Use shiny, black beads for realistic looking spiders, or give the bugs some pizzazz with sparkling crystal beads instead. The wire-and-bead bugs can be attached to jewelry and other accessories, such as key chains and backpack zipper pulls.

Cut a 2-inch long piece of the wire. This is the body of the spider.

Use the pliers to make a loop at one end. Slide a large bead onto the wire. The bead should be at least a 1/2-inch in diameter.

Cut four more pieces of wire, each about 3 inches long. These are the legs of the spider. Use the pliers to make a loop at each end of every piece of wire.

Hold the four pieces of wire together. Find the center of the lengths of wire and use the pliers to wrap the center of the four pieces around the piece of wire with the bead. Wrap the pieces around the body, just above the bead. You now have four pieces of wire protruding on either side of the body. Bend each of these pieces to make curved legs.

Slide another bead onto the body wire. This bead should have a diameter of about 3/8-inch for the spider's head. Make a loop from a small section of the wire left protruding above the head, and then twist the remaining wire around the base of the loop. You can now attach the beaded spider to a keychain, necklace or other jewelry with the loop.


  • To make other bugs, such as ants, add two smaller beads before the head and make the legs shorter than the wire spider legs.

    You can cover the spider legs with tiny seed beads if you like. Wrap the center of the legs around the body, slide the beads onto each leg and then make the loop at the end of each wire to hold the beads in place.