How to Make Scented Mug Rugs

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Things You'll Need

  • pinking shears (if desired)
  • two 4-inch pieces of felt
  • two 4-inch pieces of muslin
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon or other spice
  • two 5-inch pieces of fabric, pattern of choice
  • glue

Scented mug rugs are simple crafts that can make great gifts. All that is needed to put a scented mug rug together are a few inexpensive supplies that are readily available at craft stores. Scented mug rugs are also popular items at craft shows, craft malls and bazaars. Cinnamon-scented mug rugs are popular gifts to give for the winter holidays.

Buy the supplies for making a scented mug rug. Cut the felt and the muslin into 4-inch squares. Cut the cover fabric into two 5-inch squares. Use the pinking shears to cut the edges of the top fabric, if a zig-zag pattern is preferred for the sides of the coaster.

Place the top fabric on a flat surface, right-side down. Place the felt square in the center of the fabric. Put one small bead of glue on each corner of the felt to attach it to the fabric.

Lay the first piece of muslin on top of the felt. Apply some small beads of glue in each corner of the muslin and attach it to the felt. Pour the scoop of cinnamon onto the muslin cloth.

Squeeze a line of glue all around front side of the attached muslin square. Attach the second muslin square to the first, creating a pocket to hold in the ground cinnamon. Lightly press around the edges of the muslin squares to ensure a good seal from the glue.

Apply a thin line of glue around the edge of the outer fabric. Attach the second 5-inch fabric square, pattern-side out, to the first. Press lightly around the edge of the the fabric to ensure a good seal from the glue. Allow to dry.


  • Scented mug rugs are not recommended for use with cold beverages. They work best when used with warm drinks.


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