How to Make Roses Out of Cans

Things You'll Need

  • Aluminum can
  • Metal snips
  • Safety gloves
  • Coat hanger
  • Clear tape

Cutting up an aluminum can and turning it into a rose is a crafty way you can recycle the can. You can create a single rose to give to your partner or make a bouquet to brighten up the corner of your room. Before you begin cutting, you should clean the can. Also, wear safety gloves while cutting as some of the edges will be sharp. If you want, you can paint the can before you cut strips to create a rose with the color you want instead of having a rose with beverage logos.

Cut off the top and bottom of a can using the metal snips, leaving only the cylinder. Recycle the top and bottom. Cut a line down the can and unroll it into a long, thick strip.

Cut the can into thinner strips of different widths ranging between 1 inch and 1.5 inches. Cut these strips into smaller rectangles, roughly 2 inches in length. Do not worry about measuring these rectangles perfectly because rose petals are not all the same shape anyway. You can try using other shapes to create different petals.

Fold the two corners at one end of a rectangle in toward the middle to create a shape resembling a house with a pointy "peak" and a square "base." Do this to the other rectangles.

Use the metal snips to cut a piece out of the coat hanger, which will act as the stem. Cut the piece as long as you want your rose stem to be.

Roll one of the house-shaped rectangles into a cone shape. Tightly roll the base around your wire to create a stem, but keep the peak end loose. The base will become the bottom of your rose while the peak will become the first petal.

Roll another piece around the first one, but do not align the two peaks with each other. Also, roll the second one looser at the peak so the top of the rose expands outward. Continue this using all of the other rectangles.

Gently pull back some of the peaks to make the rose wider as you add more. Pinch the base of the rose tightly to hold them together. Use clear tape if needed.