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How to Make Religious Crosses Out of String

Any cross can be religious if it expresses your beliefs--even one made mostly of string. Unlike more-traditional crucifixes, this string cross has a folksy handmade look to it and is a great craft project for young kids. It can even be used as a craft activity in a non-religious environment, since it works as a geometric design as well as a religious cross.

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Yarn

Hold two Popsicle sticks together at right angles to form a cross shape.

Wrap a strand of yarn diagonally over the spot where they join, then under one of the sticks, then diagonally across again and finally under one more time to form an x shape, joining the sticks together.

Keep wrapping the string over and under, gradually moving outward with each wrapping. Soon, your sticks will be woven together by a colorful web of string. When you have gotten about halfway to the end, cut the yarn and tie the two loose ends together behind the cross.

At this point, about half of each popsicle stick is still uncovered. Wrap a different color string around each end, covering the rest of the stick. You can either tie the string on or glue it to the popsicle stick when you are done.

Cut a piece of yarn long enough to make a necklace cord and loop it through one of the string wrappings. Tie the ends of the yarn together. You can now wear your string cross around your neck.

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