How to Make Quilt Hangers

Display your quilt with a homemade quilt hanger.
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Display your homemade quilt without putting holes from nails or screws in your prized possession. Create a custom quilt hanger that is made to fit the size of your quilt from items at the craft store. To keep your quilt in great condition, refrain from smoking around it and keep it out of direct sunlight. Quilts do best in dry, ventilated atmospheres.

Prepare the Wall

Screw the piece of wood to the wall where you want the quilt to hang. Insert a screw for every 18 inches of length. Use a level to be certain the strip of wood is straight, if desired.

Cut the Velcro the length of the piece of wood.

Glue one side of the Velcro to the piece of wood. It doesn’t matter if it’s the soft or rough side. Super glue dries quickly, allowing you to attach the Velcro while the wood is already on the wall.

Prepare the Quilt

Thread the needle to sew the Velcro to the quilt. Quilting thread is a thicker gauge than regular thread and will give strength to the Velcro.

Sew the entire perimeter of the opposite side of the Velcro to attach it to the back side of the quilt on the end you want hanging. Sewing instead of gluing the Velcro allows you to remove it later with minimal damage to the quilt.

Hang the quilt by lining up the Velcro edges and pushing firmly along the entire length of the quilt. This secures the Velcro to itself.


Don't use Velcro that has adhesive on it. This will gum up your scissors and needle.

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