How to Make Pillowcase Chair Covers for a Wedding

Things You'll Need

  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Measuring tape
  • Fabric
  • Fabric scissors
  • Straight pins
  • Iron

Chair covers can disguise unattractive chairs or add your own personal style to a wedding reception. Although covers are readily available to purchase, you can make a pillowcase-style chair cover, which just slips over the top half of the back of the chair. You need fabric, a few other materials and a little sewing experience. If you don’t have a sewing machine or lack the skills, have a friend or family member help you.

Thread your sewing machine with thread that matches the main color of the fabric, whether the fabric is solid or patterned.

Take measurements of the back of the chair’s width, half the distance around the back on both sides, and the length that you want the cover to be. Factor in a little extra on each measurement for your side and top seam allowances and one inch extra for the bottom hem.

Cut out two pieces of the fabric following the measurements you took, including the extra for seam allowances and hem. This will be the front and back of the pillowcase-style cover.

Pin the front and back pieces together facing the right sides in toward each other with the wrong sides facing outward. It should look like the cover is inside out.

Sew a zigzag stitch up both sides and along the top with your sewing machine. This will create the top and side seams of the cover.

Keeping the cover inside out, fold the bottom hem of the cover twice, each time making a one-half-inch fold. Press each fold with the iron, pin down and stitch it down with your sewing machine (straight stitch is fine).

Turn the cover right side out, iron the edges and any wrinkles and test it out on one of the chairs. You now have one completed pillowcase chair cover.

Decorate the covers with satin or tulle sashes on the day of the event or leave the covers plain for a simple, contemporary look.


  • You might need to either call and make an appointment with your wedding venue to stop by and measure a chair or find out if they can take measurements for you. It’s best, though, to take the measurements yourself to be certain that they are exact before moving forward with the project.