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Parts of Pillows

Parts of Pillows
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Pillows are used to decorate sofas, chairs and beds. A pillow consists of two main parts: the pillow cover and the pillow insert. The edges of a pillow cover may have welt, trim or a flange sewn onto them for additional decoration. Understanding a pillow's parts is important so you can order pillows to your exact specifications.


This is a pillow insert.

The pillow insert is placed inside a pillow cover and fills out the pillow cover. Inserts are made of feathers, down, synthetic and recycled materials.

Pillow Cover

The pillow cover consists of two faces: a front face and back face. When the pillow is placed in a room, the front face should always face outward.


A pillow cover must have an opening and closure for the insert to be put in and removed. It may close via a zipper, buttons or Velcro.


This is a pillow welt.

A welt is cord wrapped tightly with fabric; it is sewn onto the edges of a pillow cover. A self-welt is made of the same fabric as the face and back. A contrast welt is made in a different fabric from the face and back.


Trim is any additional decoration applied to the edge of a pillow, such as fringe, cording or beads.


A flange is a piece of fabric folded in half and sewn to the edge of a pillow.

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