How to Make Paper Owls

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Owls are growing in popularity. You can find them on everything from purses to wall decor. You can even make them out of paper as a craft project. With a few pieces of construction paper and some glue, you can create your own owl as a decoration or you can turn it over, write on the back and give it as a card.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Feathers
  • Glue
  • Construction Paper

Use scissors to cut out a heart that is six inches tall from a piece of brown construction paper. Cut a second heart out of white construction paper that is four inches tall. Cut three more hearts out of yellow construction paper that are one inch tall.

Use glue to adhere the white heart on the brown heart. It should be positioned at the bottom of the larger heart, with the bottom points of both hearts touching. Glue one of the yellow hearts to the white heart. It should be centered and at the top of the white heart so that the humps of the heart are touching. Glue the other two yellow hearts to the bottom of the white heart. The points of the hearts should meet in the middle and the humps should be pointed out. They should be centered on the bottom of the white heart and are your owl’s feet.

Cut out two circles from white construction paper which are one inch in diameter. Cut a small crescent shape out of the bottom edge of each circle. This will be the place the eyes rest upon the humps of the white heart, so the exact size and shape of the crescent you cut is dependent on the size and shape of the humps of the white heart.

Use glue to adhere the white circles to the brown heart. The bottom sides with the crescent cuts will rest upon the humps of the white heart. Allow all the glue to dry before proceeding.

Use a black magic marker to draw pupils on your owl. To do this, draw two black circles, one in each of the white circles.

Glue brown feathers to the black of the brown heart. The feathers should be tufts coming out of the top of the owl’s head and should be centralized in the valley of the two humps on the brown heart.