How to make Paper Ladybugs Kids Craft

By Benjamin Twist
The simple but recognizable pattern of a lady bug makes it ideal for a children's craft project.

If you are a teacher or parent of young children, a paper plate lady bug is cute and fun craft that requires very few materials or preparation time.

Paint the paper plate red. Use a glass of water to wet the paintbrush as necessary and to clean it after the painting is done. If you don't have paper plates handy, or if you're unprepared to let the children paint, you can use a circle of red construction paper as a substitute.

Cut out a narrow triangle of black construction paper to represent the gap between the lady bug's wings. The base should be a few inches wide and can curve to match the curve of the plate's edge if you'd like. When the base is at the plate's edge, the point should be at or slightly beyond the center of the plate.

Cut a few one-inch circles out of black construction paper as the lady bug's spots. Cut out a black oval a few inches wide and about two inches tall as the lady bug's face.

Glue the black construction paper pieces onto the plate after the red paint dries. Glue the head at the top of the circle. Glue the triangle with its base at the center of the plate's bottom edge. Arrange the spots in a pattern on the wings and glue them onto the plate.

Glue wiggly eyes onto the lady bug's face. If you don't have wiggly eyes, you can cut out two circles of white paper and two smaller circles of black paper, then glue the white paper onto the face and the smaller black circles onto the white paper as pupils.


Cut the black construction paper pieces while your child paints if you need to start the craft without any prep time.

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