How to Make Name Badges

By Michele Martinez ; Updated September 15, 2017

Name badges are needed for various functions. They make it easier to get to know people better and also to remember people’s names. It would be easy just to purchase them at a store or even order them from a catalog. However, it is just as easy to make them yourself and you may save money as well. Here are some helpful instructions.

Use the card stock to either print out names from a computer or hand write them. This is of course if you know the names ahead of time. If you do not know the names and want the individuals to write them out themselves, then leave the card stock blank. You will place them out on a table with a black marker for people to write their own names on their individual name badges.

Cut the card stock into 3” X 2” rectangles. The amount you cut will depend on how many names you printed out or the amount of people that will need a name badge. Place these rectangle shapes off to the side in a Ziploc bag.

Take the bendable plastic and cut out 4 ½” x 3” sections. You will need one for each card stock rectangle that you previously cut out. After cutting it out, take each one and bend it at 2” in length. Bend it again at another 2”. You will have an overlap of a ½“. This ½“ overlap will bend over the other end of the bent plastic name badge.

Take a safety pin and pin it through the back of the plastic where the overlap is located. You can either pin it through the overlap or the piece of plastic that goes under the overlap. Either way will work.

Slide the card stock rectangle with the name on it through the plastic piece that you created. You will now be able to pin this on a shirt. If you are choosing to have each person write their own name on it, you may want to keep the card stock and the plastic separate. Put the plastic pieces in a box or container. Lay the name cards out on the table that you will be using for them to write their names.


Leave enough black markers on the table. Make a sign that reads, “Name Tags” or “Sign in Here.”

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