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How to Make Mushrooms From PVC Pipes

A PVC mushroom will look similar to this shape.
mushroom image by robootb from Fotolia.com

Mushrooms make fun decorative pieces both inside and outside the home. PVC mushrooms are easy and inexpensive to make. This project is fun for people of all ages as long as the gluing and stapling are done by adults. A PVC mushroom can be made in less than an hour.

A PVC mushroom will look similar to this shape.
mushroom image by robootb from Fotolia.com

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • 5-Way Pvc Connector, 2-Inch Diameter
  • Pvc Glue
  • 1 Yard Of Fabric
  • 4 Pieces Of Pvc Pipe, 1-Inch Diameter, 4-Inches Long
  • Hot Glue Gun Or Staple Gun
  • 4 Pieces Of Pvc Pipe 2-Inch Diameter, 2-Inches Long
  • 4 45-Degree Pvc Elbow Connectors, 1-Inch Diameter
  • Pvc Pipe, 2-Inch Diameter, 1-Foot Long
  • 4 Pieces Of Pvc Pipe, 1-Inch Diameter, 6-Inches Long
  • 4 Pvc Elbow Connectors, 2 Inch To 1-Inch
  • 1 Can Of Spray Paint
  • 4 Pvc Couplings, 1-Inch Diameter

Glue the couplings to the PVC elbows, to create a 45-degree, three-way connector. The couplings should be attached on the top of the elbow, so if the elbow is lying flat, the coupling is pointing upward.

Spray paint the 2-inch diameter pipe. This pipe will be the stem of the mushroom and can be painted any color you choose. Continue the project while the spray paint dries.

Attach the 2-inch long pipes into the four ports in the five-way connector that make the “X” shape. This will leave you with an “X” with an open port on the bottom. Slide the 2-inch to 1-inch elbow connectors on the ends of the 2-inch pipes.

Create the circle around the bottom of the mushroom head. Place the 4-inch pipes into the 45-degree elbow connectors you glued the coupling to earlier. The pipes are placed in the original elbow ports and connected together to form a circle. All the glued couplings need to be pointing upward.

Connect the bottom circle to the elbow connectors attached to the five-way connector with the 6-inch pipe. You now have what looks like a dome frame.

Cut a 10-inch diameter circle out of the fabric. If the mushroom is going to be placed outside, vinyl, canvas or nylon fabric works best. Center the fabric over the head of the mushroom. The head of the mushroom is the five-way connector down to the bottom circle. Hot glue or staple the fabric to the 2-inch to 1-inch elbow connectors and along the bottom edge of the circle. For the best results, wrap the fabric around the bottom circle, and glue or staple on the under side of the pipe.

Slide the 2-inch pipe into the center or open connector of the five-way connector, once the spray paint has dried.

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