How to Make Money With a Cricut Expression

When paired with creativity, the Cricut Expression can be used to make money.
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Things You'll Need

  • Cricut Expression
  • Various Cricut Cartridges
  • Paint

The Cricut Expression is a sleek, pod-like, personal die-cutting machine approximately 24-inches-long and 8-inches-deep. The Expression, which allows for cuts up to 12-by-24-inches, can be used in numerous applications, such as paper crafting, paint stenciling, item decorating and more.

With creativity, as well as business knowledge, the Cricut Expression is a wonderful tool to advance earnings by creating handmade items more speedily. Using online marketplaces, as well as social networking, the Cricut Expression can be used to make money through various avenues.

Create and Sell a Unique Product

The first step in making money with your Cricut Expression is selecting the craft that you would like to sell. The opportunities are endless, including greeting cards, creating stencils for use on walls or painted items, such as flowerpots and furniture, as well as creating adhesive vinyl decorations for any painted room. With creativity and any combination of the Cricut Expression's possibilities, handmade pieces of art can easily be created and be sold to various markets.

Your item, although artwork to you, must be competitively priced so the item will sell. If priced too aggressively, your item will be priced out of the audience you are targeting, and will not sell. Whether greeting cards or hand-painted pieces of furniture, be sure to conduct research on similar items so that you can be in the right range of pricing.

Listing your item is the next step to getting it out in the marketplace. Virtually, you have many different avenues to sell your work. EBay is a great way to sell large items, and websites such as are a fantastic option for smaller items that are paper or more specialized crafts. Research both sites to figure out which is the best option for you. Locally, research consignment shops as well as art galleries to see where your work fits. Consignment shops allow you to rent space in their store, and display your items to the consumers who frequent that store. Art galleries are a great option for original, one-of-a-kind pieces of work.

Promoting your items is the most integral step in making money with your Cricut Expression. You must spread the word to your family, friends, social networking sites as well as through promotional venues such as business cards.

Use any opportunity you can to spread the word about your work, and in turn, you will receive feedback from the potential buyers you are speaking to. In time, using the Cricut Expression can give you a great start in enhancing your creativity by aiding in the artistic abilities you already possess.


  • Think outside the box. Learn about all the ways the Cricut Expression can be used, and manipulate those uses. Use the outlines of the characters you create, and think of the characters available on each cartridge as a starting point, not the ultimate outcome.


  • The Cricut Expression is merely a tool to help you succeed in making money. If you do not already contain the artistic ability needed to come up with the creative opportunities the machine presents, then the Cricut Expression will be of no use to you.